What We Do

Turnkey LED solutions

At Eco Light Solutions, we have been specializing in customized LED Lighting Solutions for the Restaurant / Hospitality and Limousine Service Industries since 2001. Every project comes to us with unique requirements. Through consultation with the customer, we build a mutual understanding of the scope of the project for that customer and how best to complete the project before anything is purchased. Upon approval of the design solution, we assemble, kit and test all product components before they are shipped.


But our commitment to your project doesn’t have to stop there. Our highly skilled technicians have also been trained to install and test the products in the field. By having the professionals at Eco Light Solutions do the installation for you, you reduce the risk of this sensitive electronic equipment being damaged through faulty installation and the additional expense that replacement parts entails. You are also assured of the most efficient and reliable installation for your project, which translates in better performance and increased uptime.

Whether it’s a single-color white LED application or a full-spectrum color changing system, we will make sure you have the right color temperature of WHITE with properly rated dimming controller(s) and power supplies to keep your system in good working order. If your needs require color changing LEDs, we can specify the right controller for your application.

Navigating through a myriad of LED products and manufacturers can be a daunting task. At Eco Light Solutions, we are called on to do so on a daily basis. Allow us to do this “heavy lifting” for you. You will be able to dispense with such questions as, “Will this LED be compatible with that controller?,” “Am I buying more than my electrical system can handle?,” and the like. And in return, you will receive a professional solution while gaining the peace of mind that our solution will meet your needs while ensuring against costly repairs.