Custom LED Kits

From Beginning to End

Designers, architects, contractors, electricians and building owners all come to us because we offer superior service and support. We are here to answer questions and concerns at every stage of a project. From specifying and designing, to building and installing, to maintaining, upgrading and repair, we can see your project through from beginning to end. Customers keep returning to us because we offer a comprehensive worry free solution that keeps meeting and exceeding their specific lighting needs.


Here is how it works:

Send us your LED lighting design drawings, blueprints, or sketches. Then sit back while we do the rest.

We specify each LED product for the project and then specify the correct gauge wire, connectors, dimmers and power supply to ensure optimum operation as originally envisioned by you. Any customized solutions would also be built in this phase.

Then we test and label each package and kit them in a box for easy installation and ready to ship to your project site.

Provided you would rather not handle your LED installation yourself, we could do it for you. We drive or fly our team of professional installers anywhere in the country. What better way to ensure the quality and safety of your installation? Improper installation is the leading reason for LED electrical system failure and could lead to unwanted downtime and costly repairs. Having Eco Light Solutions perform your installation reduces the risks of non-operation and cost overruns for you, our customer.

We Offer Kits for:

  • LED Cove Lighting
  • LED Under Bar and Back Bar Lighting (Bottle Holders Lighting)
  • LED Down Lights
  • LED Color Changing (RGBW) Controls for LED Strips and Wall Washers